Sasuke get the Shinju fruit and the Rinnegan, Read the latest naruto 657 manga shippuden naruto manga 657 chapter has been released by mangazone and available in this site for viewing. click the naruto 657 scans below to read the whole naruto 657 chapter.

naruto 657 manga

naruto 657 manga

which would mean that he finally surpassed Madara to become the main antagonist.

Once both power ups have been handed, Madara will be subdued by Sasuke and possessed by Orochimaru thus making him another war asset for Taka while ensuring complete control of the Edo!Kages against the alliance.

Those developments are important because with 8 bijuu to assist the Alliance, the balance of power depends entirely on the outcome of the Naruto vs Sasuke fight.

If Naruto wins, then he can help the Bijuu defeat Hashirama and Orochi Madara thus ending the conflict with an Alliance victory.

If Sasuke wins, then he is free to aid Orochi Madara in the capture and sealing of the Bijuu leaving the Alliance at his mercy thus forcing a Taka victory.

At the end of the day, one of the sides which united to defeat Akatsuki will gain complete dominance over the other and a new world order will be born from the ashes of the conflict.
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